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Welcome to SeniorHangouts

Welcome to SeniorHangouts 

Where seniors hangout with technology!

In SeniorHangouts our aim is to replicate the special nature of a SeniorNet Learning Centre – when you are not able to attend in person.

Our Learning model is to provide you with the opportunity of meeting other people who are learning together. Most of our training is provided live – by real people in real time. Sign up for a course today and you will be meeting your tutor in real time, and with an expectation that you will participate in some way.


At SeniorNet you will discover how technology can help you to enjoy your life, be more productive, be entertained and to do all those things online that government and businesses ask you to do.


TKia Ora

Thank you for registering for SeniorHangouts – an initiative of
SeniorNet towards a pilot program for a Virtual Learning Centre.

The SeniorHangouts is LIVE from NOV 1st.
The program shall function 7 days a week with 3 sessions each day.
Morning – 10am
Afternoon – 2pm
Evening – 7pm

The schedule is as follows:

        Every Mondays
1000-1030       Jack    Microsoft Office
1400-1430       Roger   Hidden stuff in Photo & music files
1900-1930       John    Web Browsers

        Every Tuesdays
1000-1030       Nancy   Google Photos
1400-1430       Steve   Google Calendar
1900-1930       Stu     AMI – Online Insurance

        Every Wednesdays
1000-1030       Doug    Email and Webmail
1400-1430       Brian   Microsoft file history
1900-1930       Jane    Social Media

        Every Thursdays
1000-1030       Peter   Manage My Health
1400-1430       Clive   10 tips for Effective Tutoring / 6 learning styles
1900-1930       John    Email Scam Awareness

        Every Fridays
1000-1030       Ray     Online Government services
1400-1430       Dulcie  Online shopping
1900-1930       Robin   Online Video Tools

        Every Saturdays
1000-1030       Teresa  Google Maps
1400-1430       Kevin   Fraud Awareness
1900-1930       Jane    Google Photos

        Every Sundays
1000-1030       Teresa  Westpac- Online Banking
1400-1430       Smart   Google Drive
1900-1930       Kevin   Safe Internet practices

All Hangout sessions shall be held via zoom platform for 30 minutes.

Please feel to email seniorhangouts@gmail.com or call on 0800-280-742 for any queries


Why Choose us


We are a federation of Learning Centres in New Zealand which cater specifically for seniors. We provide our learning at your pace and our patience is endless.

Our Mission


Our mission is that you can enjoy using technology in your every day lives.

Our Vision


Our vision is that all seniors can participate confidentally and safely in our digital society.

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What Students Say

Sessions in the SeniorHangouts are quite engaging and enriching. The recordings of the meetings you missed help to get to the speed

Graeme Osborne

Chairman SeniorNet Upper Hutt

Learnt a lot about internet banking, passwords, manage my health, webmail, browsers... The short courses for everyone.

Beryl Baratt

Member SeniorNet

The delivery and content are light. They are just like light hearted talks with your friends.

Dorothy King

Member SeniorNet

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